Best IT Training Institute in Nigeria: Are you seeking the top skill development facilities in Nigeria? Yes? Perhaps it’s time to take a look at some of the skill-building programs we’ve suggested in this post. 

You can become an expert in your field of practical skills without having a strong educational foundation by simply studying under a competent teacher, paying attention, and practicing.

Additionally, you can learn how to execute this business under the guidance of an expert artisan without having any official high school background.

These informal skills are primarily taught outside of schools at vocational training facilities. 

What are the current trends in Nigeria’s greatest skill acquisition centers? For more information, keep reading. 

Best IT Training Institute in Nigeria


  1. Birotojob 

Best IT Training Institute in Nigeria

At Birotojob, we consider a company’s workforce to be its most valuable strategic asset. Our company focuses on preparing people for the workforce and assisting businesses in equipping their workers with the skills they need to perform to the best of their abilities on the job. 

Our training assists businesses in boosting employee retention by encouraging staff growth, valuing their current skills, and providing resources and product solutions that can benefit your team and business. 

We provide learning solutions that enhance performance for both individuals and enterprises, generating company-wide effects through partnerships with top instructors and HR professionals. 


Best IT Training Institute in Nigeria

  1. Industrial Skills Training Centre (ISTC)

Best IT Training Institute in Nigeria

The Industrial Training Fund’s primary responsibility as a human resource development organization is to provide training to enhance the productivity of the industrial workforce in the economy by acquiring new skills and streamlining work procedures.

Therefore, the Center’s goals are to: develop a middle-level workforce with an emphasis on employability in specific occupational fields. 

Establish and enhance training standards and guarantee the availability of the appropriate technical and vocational skills required by the regional industries. Give young people the tools they need to succeed as entrepreneurs and create jobs and wealth. 


Best IT Training Institute in Nigeria

  1. ITF Centre for Excellence (CFE)

Best IT Training Institute in Nigeria

The Industrial Training Fund’s management founded the Center for Excellence in 1992 to offer staff and non-staff of the Fund current training and development to meet the constantly evolving demands of group and individual workplace and desk functions. 

The Center has taught more than three thousand (3,000) staff employees in a variety of fields of endeavor during the course of its ten years of operation.

The Center has a new mandate to engage clients outside the industry. As a premier training organization, they create and provide specialized programs as needed to satisfy clients’ specific training needs. 

The Center employs only the best, most seasoned professionals, in addition to outside facilitators from the public and private sectors. 


Best IT Training Institute in Nigeria

  1. National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT)

Market-leading businesses in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania can choose from Managed Training Services (MTS) provided by NIIT’s Global Corporate Business (GCB).

In the areas of digital transformation, banking, finance, & insurance, soft skills, business process excellence, retail sales enablement, management education, multi-sectoral vocational skills, digital media marketing, and new-age IT, The Global Retail Business (GRB) offers a wide variety of learning and talent development programs to millions of individual and corporate learners.

The futuristic NIIT nGuru range of learning solutions for schools, including interactive classrooms with digital content, technology-driven math labs, IT wizard programs, and Quick School—an education resource planning software, are offered by MindChampion Learning Systems Limited (MLSL), a wholly owned subsidiary of NIIT, for its K–12 school learning initiative. 

Best IT Training Institute in Nigeria

  1. Applied Pavement Technology (APtech)

With a presence in more than 40 nations, Aptech has trained over 7 million people in more than 1,300 training facilities throughout the world.

Additionally, Aptech offers corporate training, evaluation solutions for businesses and academic institutions, as well as the creation of unique content for both domestic and international clients. 

The goal of Aptech courses is to teach knowledge across the board in information technology.

A wide variety of courses in instructor-led and technologically-delivered formats, like web-based training, are included in the Aptech portfolio.

The global reach of Aptech provides access to top-notch educational programs, approaches, tools, and credentials. Through top-notch IT training solutions, we help people all over the world use technology optimally and effectively.

Students from Aptech are currently constructing knowledge corporations, communities, and civilizations all across the world. 


Best IT Training Institute in Nigeria

  1. GNT Nigeria

GNT, provides you with a comprehensive information technology solution that helps your day-to-day company operations achieve the necessary results.

GNT offers both individual and corporate training & solutions that fit into your organizational goals and help you establish a highly competent workforce for greater efficiency through our experienced Consulting & Training Team of Certified Individuals.

GNT thinks that having a highly skilled workforce would assist your business save money that would otherwise have been lost through lost productivity and time due to a lack of necessary abilities.

Additionally, GNT provides you with the greatest IT consulting and support services with the assistance of our Consulting, Network Solutions, Web Solution, and Multimedia Teams.

This covers everything from the needed software and hardware to your LAN or WAN network solutions.

GNT invites you to the world of comprehensive IT solutions coupled with efficient and long-term support services, beginning with the meticulous design and execution of your desired network and concluding with the provision of solutions for your hardware and software requirements.

You may be certain of a high degree of effectiveness and profitability for your firm with our consulting and support services. 


Best IT Training Institute in Nigeria

  1. Mikon Institute of Information Technology

As the oldest continually operating educational institution, Mikon Institute is dedicated to giving students a high academic education so they can graduate prepared for lives of leadership and community service.


Each day at Mikon Institute is packed with activities that are both educational and enjoyable, ranging from basic computer training to advanced computer training.

In our institute of committed, talented instructors and staff, we make an effort to be devoted to the students we have the opportunity of serving.

We also take pleasure in having the most engaged and supportive group of parents, alumni, partners, and friends.

At Mikon Institute, we provide encouraging and motivating conditions for young, inquisitive minds to learn from and develop with us.

We get more than just excellent achievements because of our passion for learning. We aim to give an education that is genuinely relevant to their future while also developing self-assured, imaginative thinkers.

We are an early learning academy with an emphasis on early literacy and numeracy as well as social and emotional development.

With knowledge and practical skills that put them far ahead in any industry they choose to work in, our students graduate from our programs with the moral fibre and self-assurance necessary to make their mark on the world. 


Best IT Training Institute in Nigeria

  1. Firstlogic Nigeria IT Training and Education Centres

Nigeria’s Firstlogic is a top provider of IT training, with locations in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. Firstlogic provides top-notch information technology training that gives students the skills they need to excel in their careers.

IT training with international certification is available from Firstlogic.  Firstlogic is a certified PROMETRIC and PEARSON test center; therefore, you may register there for international IT certification examinations like Oracle Exams, Cisco Exams, and Microsoft Exams.

At Firstlogic, you can also take tests like the GRE, TOEFL, and Project Management Institute (PMI). 

With any of these training institutes, you can become an expert with or without a strong educational background. Choose an institute today and be skillfully developed.



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