How should I present myself to Birotojob recruiters?

Since we and our partnering recruiters are the direct connection to the employer, your first impression with Birotojob recruiters is just as important as the one you make with each employer we may introduce you to. While we will do our best to give you an edge when applying to new job positions, the best […]

How long will it take to find me a job position?

Finding the ideal job opportunity is a matter of being exposed to the right companies here in Nigeria, and at the right time. Depending on your skills, your academic qualifications, and what you are looking for in the ideal job opportunity, this process could happen in one day, or it can take a year. No […]

What types of employers does Birotojob partner with?

Birotojob Partners with a variety of Employers here in Nigeria. Since every candidate is unique, we strive to offer unique job opportunities that can meet the needs of a wide variety of job candidates. Our hiring Employers include the top companies in Nigeria, many of them are top fortune 500 company Employers across the nation […]

What should I bring to my interview?

When you interview with us, bring anything that might be relevant, including: recommendation letters, a portfolio of any work samples that may be beneficial, a pen, and most importantly, a confident and positive demeanor. Our Recruitment Specialist will send you the required paperwork prior to your meeting, which you should either email back, or complete […]

What type of jobs can Birotojob offer?

As a contingency and retainer based firm, Birotojob recruitment primarily offers permanent placements. At times, we also source candidates for long-term contracts with our hiring employers here in Nigeria. Birotojob works at all levels of an organization, operating as the sole recruitment resource for our hiring employers. We work on every role – from clerical […]

What industries/companies does Birotojob service?

Birotojob works in a variety of verticals across many companies and industries in Nigeria. Our Industry Specialized recruiters are experts in this niche markets and are committed to connecting the best candidates with the top hiring companies here in Nigeria.

How do I become a verified candidate?

The first step to becoming a verified candidate is by submitting your resume/personal details either by uploading it on your profile or by creating your resume on your profile by clicking edit profile in your user dashboard, upon completion of your profile from your user dashboard, one of our recruitment specialists will review your profile […]