Since we and our partnering recruiters are the direct connection to the employer, your first impression with Birotojob recruiters is just as important as the one you make with each employer we may introduce you to. While we will do our best to give you an edge when applying to new job positions, the best thing you can do is present yourself to us as you would to any employer. It helps us to learn how to help you, and allows us to prepare you properly for any subsequent possible job interview. Additionally, it is important to be honest about what you are looking for in a career so we can ensure we find you an opportunity that will provide you with lasting satisfaction.

The majority of our verified candidates are not actively seeking a new job role, but want to have job opportunities presented to them if they arise – Birotojob offers private profile option for those that wish to have private profile while searching and applying on new job opportunities on Birotojob, with candidate private profile, the private profile will not be displayed on our candidate lists page or anywhere on the Birotojob website, making privacy one of our top priorities. The privacy of our candidates and our hiring employers is of the utmost importance to us and will be maintained fully from initial contact onwards.

We have created a diligent follow-up program to ensure that you receive the support you need when entering a new job position. We will periodically follow-up with you by telephone/email and we are always available to you as a resource throughout your career.

There are too many advantages to registering and having a profile with Birotojob to list them all, but here are some of the most important reasons you should consider registering with Birotojob:

    1. We care about our candidates, and their long-term success.  To us, it is never about making a job placement – it’s about creating great opportunities for great people and great companies.
    2. We don’t have quotas – we meet with you because we believe that success can be had while working together.
    3. At Birotojob, we work tirelessly to stay informed and ahead of the job market. As a result, we frequently know about job opportunities long before they are made public, and we just as frequently make job placements with those specific companies before anyone even knows they are hiring.

There are truly no disadvantages to having a profile with Birotojob. We work with the top companies in Nigeria and our commitment to quality means that you can be sure you we are working our hardest on your behalf.

Finding the ideal job opportunity is a matter of being exposed to the right companies here in Nigeria, and at the right time. Depending on your skills, your academic qualifications, and what you are looking for in the ideal job opportunity, this process could happen in one day, or it can take a year. No matter the case, when we meet great great job seekers, we like to stay in touch so that we can help promote you to great job opportunities as they come available.

Remember, we always look to the people we know as a first priority when we get a new opportunity. Even if you don’t see something that interests you today, we could receive a new job tomorrow that matches your needs perfectly any day/any time.

Birotojob Partners with a variety of Employers here in Nigeria. Since every candidate is unique, we strive to offer unique job opportunities that can meet the needs of a wide variety of job candidates. Our hiring Employers include the top companies in Nigeria, many of them are top fortune 500 company Employers across the nation and many organizations that offer the best work environments and growth opportunities in our  country Nigeria.

Whatever your preference is, Birotojob has the expertise and the required network to ensure you find a rewarding career that aligns with your specific needs.

When you interview with us, bring anything that might be relevant, including: recommendation letters, a portfolio of any work samples that may be beneficial, a pen, and most importantly, a confident and positive demeanor. Our Recruitment Specialist will send you the required paperwork prior to your meeting, which you should either email back, or complete ahead of time and bring to your interview.

Before you meet one of our hiring employers, we will prepare you prior to each meeting. Every interview is different and will typically require your unique self.

As a contingency and retainer based firm, Birotojob recruitment primarily offers permanent placements. At times, we also source candidates for long-term contracts with our hiring employers here in Nigeria. Birotojob works at all levels of an organization, operating as the sole recruitment resource for our hiring employers. We work on every role – from clerical and administrative positions, to high level-skilled, executive positions, trades apprenticeship, internship, to O-level. Needless to say, whatever your level of experience or qualification is, Birotojob will be able to offer you relevant job positions whether now or in the nearest future.

Birotojob works in a variety of verticals across many companies and industries in Nigeria. Our Industry Specialized recruiters are experts in this niche markets and are committed to connecting the best candidates with the top hiring companies here in Nigeria.

  1. The first step to becoming a verified candidate is by submitting your resume/personal details either by uploading it on your profile or by creating your resume on your profile by clicking edit profile in your user dashboard, upon completion of your profile from your user dashboard, one of our recruitment specialists will review your profile eligibility to make sure you submitted all your required personal details.
  2. If you are found to have submitted all the required personal details, you will be an eligible candidate, thereafter, we will continue on with our comprehensive (DD) due diligence process and verification via your guarantors/sureties, after your sureties/guarantors verification, the outcome will determine if you will become a fully verified candidate of Birotojob or not.  We  will present you to suitable job opportunities with our top hiring employers. We only present verified candidates to our hiring employers.

We have a comprehensive evaluation and verification system, the verified candidate system inspires confidence in our hiring employers by ensuring that we only put forward the best candidates that are exactly right for the job. For you, this means that you will be one of only a handful of candidates that ever get presented to each opportunity, and the best employers will know that you have the skills and attributes they are looking for ahead of time. This results in a higher rate of successful job placements, better chances for you as a job seeker to land your dream job in Nigeria, and a greater opportunity for both you and the employer to focus on fit and corporate culture instead of simply verifying your skill set and the details of your work history.

The verified candidate is the most comprehensive Employer-Candidate connecting system in our platform. The verified candidate system is our verification tool – when we receive your registration, we take all aspects of your registration, interview and background check into consideration before we introduce you to our hiring employers. This results in a more accurate match for your long-term career goals, and gives you an edge when compared to other candidates the Employer might be considering hiring.