With this guide, you will get know more about the Polytechnics in Nigeria that offers quality education to it citizens in the country. in this guide, we have highlight the best polytechnics in Nigeria based on their quality of programmes offered by these schools

According to the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), there has been an assessment conducted to determine the top polytechnics in Nigeria also with their scores and positions, the assessment was conducted for all one hundred and twelve (112)polytechnics containing the federal, state and private polytechnics. After the assessment conducts, these polytechnics were ranked according to their percentage and the result was announced by the National Board of Technical Educations executive secretary Dr. Masa udu Kazaure on 4th of October 2018 at the NBTE governing board meeting held in kaduna state, Nigeria, the rank covered the year 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 academic session. The polytechnics also delivers training to the students not only in theorical aspect but also in technical aspects of the course of study. the technical training cut across courses such as engineering, architecture, administration and applied arts, hospitality, secretarial, tourism management and catering technology. The basic arm of polytechnics education is to provide vocational and technical training and these schools are characterized to enhance human resource development as well as industrial productivity and improving the quality of life in the society.

Below are the list of polytechnics in Nigeria

    1. 1. Federal polytechnic Nekede(85.08 percent)

the federal polytechnic Nekede was the first and best official polytechnic announced in Nigeria by the National Board of Technical Education (NBTE),This school is located in Imo state Nigeria. the total percentage rank of these school is 85.08% in the assessment conducted by the NBTE and was announced as the best vocational institution in the country. these school offers five different schools which are, school of engineering technology, school of environmental design and technology, school of humanities and social sciences, school of industrial and applied sciences and school of business and management studies. The students that exit from these school in any field is known to have been equipped with practical skills acquisition. In these school, students are given the opportunity to choose if they want to study full- time/part-time and payment of fees for these school varies with the courses you choose to study; they also have conducive learning environment with necessary infrastructures.

    1. 2. The polytechnic Ibadan(67.69 percent)

These school is located at the capital city of Oyo state Nigeria and has the percentage score of 67.69% in the assessment conducted by the National Board for Technical Education as announced by the Executive secretary in the NBTE Governing Board meeting; these school is the fourth-best vocational institution in Nigeria.

    1. Federal polytechnic, Bida(65.38 Percent)

The federal polytechnic, Bida came up the fifth position as the best vocational institution in Nigeria with total percentage score of 65.38% in the assessment conducted by the NBTE and this higher institution is the 2nd northern higher institution to feature in the list of the first five polytechnics announced by the National Board for Technical education, this implies that this northern polytechnic has given out her best in Vocational training.

    1. Federal polytechnic, Offa

federal polytechnic Offa stand as the eighth best vocational institution in Nigeria and these school is located in kwara state, Nigeria.

    1. Rufus giwa polytechnic, Ondo

The Rufus Giwa polytechnic is the ninth position on the list of top polytechnics in the Nigeria, this polytechnic is located in Owo local government area; Ondo state, Nigeria . In the assessment conducted by the National Board for Technical Education this school was announced as the ninth vocational institution in Nigeria by the executive secretary of the NBTE in kaduna NBTE governing Board Meeting.


Yabatech also known as Yaba college of Technology was among the polytechnics that participated in the assessment conducted by NBTE , this school came up as the tenth vocational institution in Nigeria. in Yaba College of technology, the teaching staffs comprises of professors, ph.D. holders, masters degree holders to mention but few. This polytechnic is located in Lagos also this school is not only limited to the National Diploma and Higher National alone but is also affiliated to degree awarding schools

7.Auchi Polytechnic(3.85 percent)

Auchi polytechnic is located in Edo state, southern part of Nigeria, and was established in the year 1963. this school came up sixth in the list of best vocational institutions in Nigeria and with the percentage score of 63.85% in the assessment conducted by the NBTE which was announced in kaduna, also this polytechnic is great citadel of learning, this school also has the remark of vibrant and talented scientist and this remark was given to them due to their qualitative study of engineering courses and business administration courses. in 2008 and 2012, the school gained awards on polytechnics expo and for the best designs and fabrication. This school offers twenty two courses in different fields of study such as applied science and Technology, school of engineering (SENG), School of Environmental Studies, Business studies, school information and communication technology (SICT), School of art and  design, and school of general studies, the cost of the school fees in Auchi polytechnic is very cheap which makes it easier for the aspiring students to study any course of their choice.

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