In order to find the most suitable candidates for the job most employers and companies we deal with are trying the process of screening in order to hire the applicants which have the most suitable background.

This process of employment screening will help in enhancing the long term relationships in the organisations and provide a secure environment to the existing and new employees.

A scientific approach can also be followed in order to take out the undesirable candidates. In this way you reduce the cost of security, training and moreover you can also reduce the chances of the grievances. During the pre employment screening we can include many things like past work experience, criminal history and we will even highlight false information written in CVs if we find them.

The concept and the process of employee screening might seem to be excessive but in reality this is considered to be a prudent idea because one has to select professional and quality personnel instead of anyone showing their wrong history. Also, the better practices like the pre employment background checks help in reducing the overall cost of the company in many areas including employment loyalty and retention to the organisation.

One of the advantage of pre background screening is that you can keep the balance while setting up the organisation. Such policies can help in monitoring many things such as keeping the status quo and harmony in the organisations because there will be no loss of concentration of power. One important aspect of the screening process is that it must be applied with proper diligence and that too would be across the board. This whole process should be undertaken while keeping in mind the innovative ideas of fair practice. This simply means that there will be no invasion of privacy and the information which has been taken from the employee should be available and shared with all. However, the checks must be relevant and not impede on the subject’s other areas of their life but be particular to the job and the role required of them.

The best, affordable and simple solution for pre employment screening is to hire a company whom are experts in this area like us. We will not only assist you in hiring the right people but also help your company to maintain their budget and the parameters set before them.


  • Basic Screening (Intergrity, Personality, Prospect Screener)
  • Online assessment
  • Entry Level / Operational
  • First Line / Junior Management
  • Specialist & Middle Management
  • Senior & Executive Management


Each Risk Assessment includes a minimum number of standard personal credential verifications and assessments. This is determined by the level of employment for which the candidate is being considered for and industry best practice.


How does this add value to your background screening process?

  • Standardise screening process by job level
  • Eradicate any potential for nepotism or bias in your recruitment process
  • Specialist & Middle Management
  • Standardise decision making across your organisation and reduce risk



Social media screening allows employers to add to their vetting process, gaining valuable insight into candidates and existing employees. Employers will obtain insight into candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, passions, charitable work, etc.


In addition it allows employers the ability to safeguard against incompatible candidates, that would likely result in significant reputational damage to the organisation, by highlighting “red-flags” (racism, sexism, homophobia, illegal behaviour, image/brand/reputation/damaging content).


Incorporating social media screening into the vetting process, results in increased levels of first time fit, job satisfaction and productivity. Employers will have the added peace of mind that the process ensures for impartial, balanced and unbiased results.

The secret of our success can be put down to our determination and attention to detail and the realization of taking our clients business very seriously and as such giving our clients the information as rapidly as possible to make educated decisions. All of the work we undertake is regulated by our own strict Code of Ethics which brings us in line with all the regulations stated by the Data Protection Act.

Benefits of Pre-employment-vetting

1. Know Your candidate (KYC)
Effective screening will help in the processes of eliminating the legal liabilities and risks in responsibilities such as negligent hiring and the new bribery act.

2. Protects against hidden liability
Our advanced screening will suggest to certain undesirables that an effective vetting process is undertaken and that any discrepancies will be noted.

3. Promotes safety and security in the workplace.
Such processes will also help the existing employees in getting a safe and secure working environment.

4. It Ensure a perfect person for the job and helps in making the best hiring decision.